In order to activate your software, please follow these steps:

1) Download the latest version from this link:


2) After downloading, right click the downloaded file with your mouse and select "Run as Administrator"


3)  After going through the installation process you will see this activation screen.  Select "Floating Network License




4)  Next you will see the following screen.  Enter the license # and password.  The email is the email for the user of the computer, this is the way we can contact the user if we see a problem with their activation.  The description is just a description used to describe the computer that is meaningful to you (i.e. Joe's PC, etc..).  

License # 2?????

Password:  ??


5) Click "Floating Network Login", and then you should see the the lower right corner button change to "Use Full Version".  Click "Use Full Version" button in lower right to begin using the software.  If the login doesn't work, then take a screen shot and send it to us via email at .  Here are some common problems that can occur.  

System Date or Time error - If the time or date on your computer clock is off by more than a couple of minutes, you will need to correct it in order to activate.

Not getting anything back from the server - If the error is that it's getting nothing back from the server, usually this is a problem of your virus software blocking.  Please google "Add an exclusion to ????", where ???? is your virus software.    Then add the installed folder for the software to the exclusion, by default it would be c:\program files (x86)\MecaStack

Error 100 - The license # and/or password are incorrect