This is an issue that is primarily related to the single user version of the software.  All you need to do is activate the software again, and it will re-connect to our server and update the date.  

1)  Within the software select "Security"

2)  Select "Activate" and "Single User License"

3)  Enter License # and Password.  

4)  Enter email where you can be contacted (Doesn't need to match that for the account)

5)  Enter a description of the computer (i.e. Laptop, Desktop, etc..)

You should receive a confirmation that the activation was successful and the new expiration date.  Even if you have already activated, the system recognizes that it's the same computer and so it will allow you to activate, even though you have already activated in the past.  

If for some reason this doesn't work, then please email us screen shots showing what you are seeing and we will help resolve the problem.