We do not offer an online course for MecaWind, but we do offer several ways at your fingertips to get help on the software:  

1) Email support@mecaenterprises.com with screen shots and enough detail, and we can do our best to help.

2) A help manual is in the software.

3) We have a knowledge base which can be searched for many topics:  https://meca.freshdesk.com/a/solutions/categories/43000196614/folders/43000302034 

4) We write articles on MecaWind and wind related issues monthly to try to explain different details of the software:  https://www.mecaenterprises.com/category/wind-articles/ 

5) We have a youtube video with some instructional videos:  MecaWind Youtube Channel 

6) If you are in the software and unsure what a field means, then put your mouse over the cell and wait a second, and help will pop up giving information: