This is actually a common error that can occur for many different reasons and is nearly always a bug in the software.  Usually the error is due to a scenario occurring which was not anticipated in the software.  Please send these errors to Meca; however, just having the error is not enough for us to fix it, because the error can occur for so many different situations.  In order to get a speedy resolution, we also need the following:

1)  Save the file with the data currently entered, and send us that file.  If it's MecaWind then it's a *.wnd file, and if it's MecaStack then it's a *.stk file

2)  If it is not possible to send the input file because the error is not allowing you to save, then send a screen shot of the information that was entered.

3)  Describe exactly what you were doing within the software when the error occurred.  (i.e. I was saving, I was running the file, I was entering the wind data, etc..).  

We know these errors can be frustrating, and so to help us to solve them as quickly as possible please send us the items above.  

Send email to Meca Support Email