MecaStack allows you to enter your own customer materials.  To do so please follows these steps (Due to changes in the program sometimes the screens may not look exactly like these screen shots, but it's the same basic approach).

1) Open the Material Database.

2) Now you can select a Material which is "Similar" to that material which you wish to add.  In this example, I'm selecting A-36.   

3) Now Click the checkbox "Modify Material Properties".

4)  Modify all of the Highlighted data as appropriate to represent the material you are entering.  You can add or remove rows in the temperature table as needed.  

5)  After all data is saved (You must give material a new name so you can differentiate it from the material you started with originally), then you can click "Save to Custom Database".  

Now you have saved it to the custom database, and it will be available to select the next time you want to use the information.  

Sharing with others:  If you want to share the custom database with others, then you can select "Export".  This will write a xml file, that can then be imported by other users using the "Import" button.  

Note:  It can be difficult to set up new materials because good data is not always available for material properties at elevated temperatures.  MecaStack needs these elevated temperature properties in order to calculate the stresses correctly at high temperatures.  Currently the brittle fracture data is not utilized, and so that data is not as important.  In the future we hope to offer brittle fracture info for the user, and then it will become more important.